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On August 30th of last year, I was in a serious car accident that would leave me homebound for four and a half months with multiple broken limbs.

Thankfully, I made a full recovery, and I learned some pretty important lessons along the way! I am sharing these lessons here during the month of September, if you are interested.

In commemoration of the event / celebration of a full recovery – I am trying to raise $3000 to provide clean, safe water in Rwanda.

During the month of September, Charity:Water is holding a campaign to provide 100 percent clean water in two sectors of Rwanda’s Rulindo District – Shyorongi and Ngoma. If reached, the $1.7 million dollar goal will change the lives of approximately 26,000 people!

The people of Rwanda have lived through a genocide that makes my personal struggle seem insignificant at best. They are now recovering and working to rebuild their country, and I would love nothing more than to help them out along the way.  Find out more about the campaign here.

I believe that some of the greatest strengths can come out of the greatest tragedies. I know this is true in my life, and I am sure this can be the case with the people of Rwanda too.

Please join my campaign and help support the cause! Also, please share the story – I cannot do this alone.

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